Just Speak Course

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Just Speak Course

О курсе

In this lesson, you will:

1. Let’s go to the movies!

discuss personal preferences of movies;
make plans to go see a movie with a friend;
revise the passive voice and Present Perfect.

2. What do you do with your money?
discuss opinions on money and finance;
negotiate an insurance plan;
practice giving financial advice.

3. Professional haggling
discuss your attitudes to politics;
improve speaking skills through a debate on social issues;
learn to develop and support an argument.

4. My dinner smells off...
name the basic tips for professional haggling;
maintain a dialog with sellers easily.

5. We the people...

discuss your food preferences and eating out experiences;
improve your problem solving and complaining skills

Содержание курса

videoLet’s go to the movies!17 Сек.
videoWhat do you do with your money?17 Сек.
videoProfessional haggling11 Сек.
videoHave you ever wanted to be a food vlogger?14 Сек.
video"We the people"18 Сек.
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